Zoë Bocik


Zoë Bocik is a St. Petersburg native who found her muse in the warmth and expression of wood. Zoë’s work draws upon a connection to nature and the deep inner strength of women.  She loves to play with lines and angles, balance and symmetry while exploring new techniques and redefining function.

Zoë and her husband Rob are known for their creative endeavor, FUNKTIONHOUSE Urban Lumber & Furnishings developed in 2011. In this business, the artist couple blends their love of functional art with strong modern styles.  

This current body of work is Zoë's self-expression. Like FunktionHouse, she uses responsibly harvested lumber from trees felled in St Petersburg, Gulfport, and the surrounding areas. Zoë Bocik blends solid craftsmanship with a fresh artistic aesthetic, imbuing each piece with time-tested quality and unique design.





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