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A Gallery Corner
Douglas Merritt, Dennis Debon, Brenda Mcmahon, Zoe Bocik artists

"It's a pleasure to see such beautiful artwork here in Gulfport."

Jan 24th, 2019

It's a pleasure to see such beautiful artwork here in Gulfport. Thank you for your beautiful gallery.

Anonymous Visitor
Gulfport, FL

Brenda Mcmahon Gallery
Night view of Douglas Merritt's glass

"Awesome art work"

Aug 24th, 2019

You have some Awesome art work in your gallery .... ❤

Dawn Boepple
, Florida

"...a delightful feast!"

Aug 22nd, 2019

If you love beautiful art and haven't been to Brenda McMahon Gallery in Gulfport, FL, your eyes are missing a delightful feast!

Norma Robinson
Gulfport, FL

"What an awesome space!"

Aug 21st, 2019

What an awesome space! This beautiful gallery speaks to the awesome Art Haven we have in this Tiny Town! Brenda McMahon has done a phenomenal job and the art that is shown here is the best in the state. Please stop by and take a look. You will be happy you did!

Caroline Duvoe
Gulfport, FL

"I love this gallery..."

Jun 21st, 2019

I love this gallery, the light coming in the large window really makes the art look great. The variety of mediums and styles is quite refreshing. Very well done.

Barbara Busenbark

"It's a bold and innovative gallery and deserves all the accolades it receives."

Jun 21st, 2019

What Brenda McMahon has accomplished with her Gulfport, FL gallery is a remarkable achievement. Showcasing not only her own breathtaking works of clay, the Gallery features art in a variety of mediums from ten other artists (at the time of my first visit). Brenda is usually on-site herself to speak with visitors about the pieces on display (I recently brought one home as a birthday gift and it's now the centerpiece of our art collection at home) and offers commissioned pieces. It's a bold and innovative gallery and deserves all the accolades it receives.

James Briggs

"Brenda has created a beautiful space for exhibiting..."

Jun 21st, 2019

The full disclosure is that I am rather biased since my art is being shown in the Brenda McMahon Gallery. But having said that I must say that Brenda has created a beautiful space for exhibiting her fine ceramic vessels and wall murals. I'm honored to have my pastel paintings included with this fine selection of local, professional artist's work. Stop in. You'll enjoy the feast for your eyes and Brenda's welcoming and joyful presence

Nancy Poucher

Brenda Mcmahon Gallery
Opening Night Festivities

"A wonderful display of the talent in our community."

Jun 21st, 2019

A wonderful display of the talent in our community. Tastefully arranged to complement the work of the artist. A great addition to our community. Great job Brenda.

Michael Eismont
Gulfport, Florida

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