Doug Merritt


Doug Merritt was born in 1951 in Somerville New Jersey. He went to school in North Carolina and went back to New Jersey to open a glass studio. He has been blowing glass for 48 years. 

 Doug’s work is in many museums, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Corning  Museum of Glass, Newark Museum, Chrysler Museum, The Toledo Museum, Wheaton Museum of American Glass, as well as many museums outside of the United States.

 Doug has worked in many styles of glass including art nouveau, Art Deco, contemporary, cameo, Diatreta, and cased styles.

 Just a few years ago Doug made Gulfport, FL his home. Doug said, “Gulfport Florida was a perfect place to settle as there is a large and thriving art community with a wide diversity of artists!” 

 It is our pleasure to showcase his work in our gallery and hope that you enjoy the work!        





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