Emerald Pendant with emeralds and 14K gold on the base of a mother of pearl. Grenadilla wood.

Berkeley Grimball

Emergence Pendant

$ 595.00

Emergence ~ to rise up. Jeweler Berkeley Grimball is inspired by transformation. He repurposes unrepairable clarinets into striking sculptural jewelry.

In Emergence, the sterling silver spires hug the center which is a carved clarinet. These elements are seated on an antique, mother of pearl belt buckle with two emeralds accenting the left and right. The final touch is a gold dollop atop the clarinet spire. Truly one-of-a-kind, you'll never see anyone else wearing this eye-catching pendant!

Jewelry Details

  • Antique Mother of peal belt buckle
  • Two emeralds
  • Sterling silver
  • 14k gold
  • Carved grenadilla wood
  • 30" Sterling chain
  • size: 4"h x 2"w
  • shipping available