Opal moon ring crescent shaped with sterling silver band, hand crated by Ashley Wix
detail of opal moon ring, handcrafted sterling silver ring with beautiful opal stone on double silver band

Ashley Wix

Opal Moon Ring

$ 178.00

This beautiful Opal Moon Ring features a crescent-shaped opal set in fine silver decorative wire, expertly crafted onto a split shank band. Perfect for lovers of the night sky, it's a gorgeous addition to any outfit.

How is this handcrafted?

Ashley Wix begins her work with raw sheets of silver, fine silver wire, and precious gemstones. Each piece of jewelry has up to six stages of crafting. From the original concept to setting and soldering the bezel and backplate to the many layers of sawing, filing and polishing, Ashley Wix works with integrity and dedication, taking attention to detail to an art form.



  • Handcrafted from 95% sterling silver
  • Opal gemstone
  • Ring Size 8.25
  • designed to last forever
  • shippable