An Artful Address Created in Gulfport, Florida: from my studio to your home!

As a ceramic artist, one of my jobs is to create custom artful addresses in my Gulfport, Florida studio. Driving around these artistic and lush neighborhoods, it’s rewarding to see my ceramic work on many colorful residences and businesses here in Gulfport, Florida.

How does the Artful Address process work?

Artful Addresses are a wonderful way to put an art mark on your home or business! Each Artful Addresses is handmade from clay and custom-designed in my ceramic studio in Gulfport. Visitors to Brenda McMahon Gallery often comment on the one I created for my own business. They are not only inspired by the artful options, but also by our collection of jewelry, paintings, glass and ceramics. I love helping clients come up with design ideas and size options for their own Artful Address.

Brenda McMahon's Gallery address in Gulfport, Florida  Gallery

(Artful Address hanging outside Brenda McMahon Gallery)

Do I have to come up with my ceramic address design?

The process is a creative and always fun endeavor between the client and me, blending their creative vision with my own. Here’s how it works: You start with an image or idea of an image, then choose your size and colors. I'll provide a drawing of the concept and then we collaborate to finalize the design for your ceramic address. Some clients want simple numbers and colors to match their garden design. Others want a rendition of a heron landing on the bayou or the view of the ocean and palms that surround their home. Still others want me to take the lead after they offer ideas. It’s a truly collaborative journey in my clay studio.

Brenda working on an artful address in her clay studio

(Brenda in her ceramic studio in Gulfport creating an Artful Address)

I can remove clay around the numbers, creating a linen texture; or carve around them, creating an active rhythmic feel. Both techniques allow the numbers pop up from the surface. Some clients put a hidden message in their Artful Address or add glass and stone. The possibilities are as endless as the imagination!

How does the artful address hold up outdoors?

Once created, I seal, weatherproof, and prepare each Artful Address with an aluminum hanging bracket before the client picks it up. I also offer a rain guard, if needed. I can design an address to hang horizontally or vertically, depending on your need. Security locks are also available for an additional fee. When you pick up (or we ship) your address, it comes with the mounting bracket and hanging instructions. Two screws and your ceramic Artful Address is on the wall! We love installation shots so we can share your creative journey with our prospective clients. 

Completed address at the client's St. Petersburg home

I’m always delighted when clients reach out to me for an artful address, knowing that my art will find its rightful home. If you are looking to add a creative flair to your home, stop by Brenda McMahon Gallery in downtown Gulfport and let’s talk. You can also email me at I’d love to collaborate on a beautiful Artful Address with you!

a horizontal artful address on a Gulfport home

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