The Benefits of a Full-Service Art Gallery

Art galleries serve as a vital connection between artists and collectors, playing a crucial role in the art industry by scouting for new talent, representing and boosting artists' careers, and showcasing their work through exhibitions.

First-time visitors to Brenda McMahon Gallery often inquire about our distinction as a full-service gallery compared to other local galleries. It's a legitimate query! Galleries exhibit various business models, philosophies, and objectives.

Public understanding of the inner workings of art galleries is rather hazy. Essentially, an art gallery serves as a refined exhibition venue for showcasing and selling exquisite artworks. It acts as the representative, advocate, and distributor of the artists' exquisite creations.

Full Service Art Galleries

Not all galleries are designed equally. While most art galleries operate in a similar manner, there are varying types of galleries that follow different procedures. Let's examine the functions of a full-service gallery like Brenda McMahon Gallery.

A full-service gallery is considered the 'most preferred' type of art gallery for artists or collectors, and it plays a vital role in both the artists' careers and the community it serves. Most full-service art galleries have diverse activities, each with a unique business approach. However, they all have core practices.

To be a bit more in-depth, let us dive into specific elements:

Representing a Porfolio of Artists

At Brenda McMahon Gallery, we work together with multiple artists, agreeing to act as their representatives and provide support. This entails displaying, promoting, selling, and distributing their artwork. Through this process, artists can support themselves and advance their professional development, as well as grow their customer base and artistic portfolios.

The gallery earns a commission from the sale of the artworks, benefiting both the gallery and the artist. Promoting talented artists and helping them flourish enhances the gallery's reputation. Our approach is not only successful but also enjoyable and captivating.

BMG Interior
(Interior view of our collection)

Compiling and Curating the Collection

Full-service art galleries like ours curate works from emerging and established artists for a unique identity. They handle insurance, supervision, installation, press interest, invitations, and promotion.

A robust portfolio is crucial for any art gallery. The caliber of the artists in your portfolio directly affects the gallery’s reputation. Both the artist and the gallery gain from the advancement of specific artist careers, as it boosts their respective reputations.

Ongoing Exhibitions

Full-service art galleries create an exhibition program which becomes part of their identity. A solo exhibition features one artist, while a group show includes multiple artists.

Our Artist of the Month Program is an excellent example of a solo exhibition. Nearly every month, Brenda McMahon Gallery showcases the work of an established or emerging artist with promotion, a show opening during Gulfport’s First Friday Art Walk and an opportunity for the artist to grow their customer base by hosting an artist meet and greet. These have been overwhelmingly successful to the artist and for the gallery. It also engages the gallery with the community.

Artist of the Month Exhibition
(Former Arist of the Month Ashley WIx of Bull Moon Studio)

Distributing Art to Buyers

A key function is selling and distributing artworks of represented artists. Galleries act as dealers, managing transportation, invoicing, value monitoring, and sold artwork tracking. They become the primary point of contact for any inquiries regarding a particular artist, like ours, and arrange commissions for the artists. We provide insured shipping on all sold works as well as free pick-up.

Artistic Education

Full-service galleries like ours often involve the public in creative workshops or artistic trainings. This is accomplished through our Taste of Art Program, which has welcomed numerous aspiring artists since its launch in 2019. Participants receive weekly trainings from professional artists to learn how to create art, including ceramics, paintings or glass art. It provides an opportunity for art enthusiasts to create their own work, while also showcasing our gallery to the public. Taste of Art has become a significant event in our community and for our gallery.

Taste of Art Ceramics
(Students from a Taste of Art showcase their work)

Our gallery is dedicated to assisting artists and consumers alike. Visit Brenda McMahon Gallery in downtown Gulfport to learn more about our operations. We prioritize transparency and value meaningful conversations!

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  • Martin Superville

    I am an Artist living in the Island of Tobago.I am looking for a new Gallery to represent my work i have done over 10000 painting in my career so far covering a number of different subject matters i have no problem sending images for you perusal i can also allow the use of osme off my images to get a feed back .looking forward to a favourable response.will send images soon but they can be seen on my FB/instgram pages

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