Commission Adventures!

One of the most delightful and rewarding aspects of my career as an artist is the ability to work one-on-one with art lovers from across the country (and a couple of other countries as well) during the commission process. Oftentimes we’ll have visitors to our Art Gallery who fall in love with a piece of work but aren’t sure it fits their home décor and would prefer something more personal or intimate. This is where the commission process comes in!

Commissions are a great way to help design that perfect piece of artwork for your home and a wonderful way to become an intimate part of the creative process.  In this process, I bring clients right into the ceramic studio where you get the feel for the life of an artist in a local arts community. Each commission brings its own excitement, with each one a new adventure undertaken by just the client and me!

Before there is any commitment, we begin with a discussion of what you're looking for, colors you're drawn to, clay textures you like and a size ceramic wall mural that works. It is as much or as little of a collaborative process as you make it!

I create an estimate for the artwork and a contract. Once the contract is signed and a small deposit is placed, it's official, we're working together and you're in the queue. Welcome to art being created in the St. Petersburg arts community!

I often have a waiting list, so about a month before you're next on the table, we work on design. When the design is approved, a one-third down payment is required. We are ready to begin!

During the creation of your piece, I photograph the development of it while working in my clay studio and share it with you so that you may see the process unfold visually. At any point I encourage input and at critical stages I discuss my next step, ensuring we're both on the same page. Once the final fired ceramic mural is approved, the artwork is framed and set for pickup, delivery or shipment.

Commissions take much more time and input, and though there is a premium set on that, the overall cost is not cost that much more. The price is all inclusive with conversations, samples, photos, changes, and whatever else is needed.

So if you stop by our downtown Gulfport fine art gallery and see something you that moves you but isn’t quite right for your home, or you see a piece on social media or in our advertisements that speaks to you and want to commission a piece designed to your desired aesthetic, send me at note at

I'd love to start a new commission adventure with you!


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