Discover the Magic of Lost-Wax Casting

At Brenda McMahon Gallery, we showcase lost-wax cast jewelry created by Don David Designs, a talented husband-and-wife team that uses this ancient process to craft contemporary, fashionable, and sophisticated jewelry pieces. Lost-wax casting is a technique that involves creating a wax model to cast a single metal or glass object. This method is incredibly versatile and can produce extremely detailed and intricate results, perfect for jewelry design.

What is the "Lost-Wax Method?"

Artisans have been using glass casting for centuries to create both beautiful and functional objects. This versatile process involves melting and molding glass to make a variety of items, such as jewelry, decorative objects, and practical items. Glass casting is a fascinating and rewarding craft that combines technical and artistic challenges. From the ancient Egyptians to modern-day craftspeople, this craft has stood the test of time.

The lost-wax method is a highly precise and accurate technique used for crafting intricate objects, including jewelry. This method involves creating a mold around a wax model, which is then removed by melting. This creates a cavity where the glass flows in, capturing fine details. The wax model is only used once and is expendable, making it a one-time-use material for the casting process.

The Artistry Behind Don David Designs

Don and Serena David create their hand-carved and cast glass jewelry in Palm Coast, Florida. Don begins his design process by sketching his idea on a piece of wax and then using various tools to carve the design out. Once the carving is complete, he pours a plaster mold around the wax piece. He sets the mold and melts the wax out using the lost-wax casting process. Next, Don places the molds into the kiln and melts the glass, pouring it into the mold. The glass remains in the kiln for approximately 24 hours. Once it is removed from the mold, Don grinds the back flat and sandblasts the front to give it a beautiful matte finish.

DDD Om Necklace Lost Wax

Don uses a wax carving to create the shape of his silver pieces. He then attaches the carving to a flask, pours plaster around it, and melts out the wax. After that, he pours silver into the mold and quenches it in water. Finally, Don files and polishes the silver before attaching it to the glass.

DDD Silver Ice Blue Round Earrings (lost-wax)

Come See For Yourself

We are always excited to welcome in new pieces by Don David Designs. The intricate designs and vivid color of their jewelry immediately catch the attention of our visitors and staff. To view our collection of their work, visit their page in our online gallery. Or, stop by to view the magical results of the lost-wax method for yourself. We'd love to show you! 

Whale Tail DDD


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