Tribal Contemporary Artful Neck Piece
Tribal Contemporary Artful Neck Piece

Berkeley Grimball

Tribal Contemporary Artful Neck Piece

$ 2,900.00

This one-of-a-kind Tribal Contemporary Artful Necklace features a rare and large Botryoidal Chalcedony and a remarkable 5 carat sphene on a 4" pendant. Above this striking pendant is a necklace flanked by two exquisite boar tusks. This multi-piece pendant is three necklaces in one. The botryoidal pendant and sphene are removable and can be worn separately on a chain. The boars tusks also act as a necklace itself. Or the ensemble can be worn together, as seen above, tusks and sphene/chalcedony. Showcasing captivating natural beauty, this is a powerful and artful jewelry piece that will turn eyes and stop viewers in their tracks with its timeless and primal beauty.

Jewelry Details

  • Botryoidal Chalcedony
  • 5 ct. Sphene
  • 2 Boars Tusks
  • Three necklaces in one!
  • Chalcedony Pendant is removable as a single pendant
  • Boar Tusk is a stand alone neck piece
  • The trio together is remarkable
  • Sterling Silver
  • Botryoidal pendant size: 4"h x 2"w
  • Full necklace: 8"h
  • shipping available