Patricia Kluwe Derderian

Patricia Kluwe Derderian, an architect turned artist, merges her loves in this City Series. 

Patricia loved to draw as a child. Even the smell of her uncle's colored pencils inspired her to major in architecture - since art was not an option in the little city where she was raised in Brazil. 

Patricia used her art to express her projects and ideas. It also became her way of thinking. 

In her city series, she draws freely and loosely to create the subject of the paintings. After that, she lets her feelings guide her while putting color inside the lines, one after the other without any real commitment to reality; letting the energy flow of the painting speak to her and reveal what it wants to be. 

As a Pinellas county artist, Patricia fully appreciates and enjoys the diversity of the Tampa Bay area and believes art, from all its possible forms, plays an important role in harmoniously connecting people.